Why Vegan?

beautiful pig

A vegan is a person who avoids using and consuming animals and animal products for any purpose including food, clothing, entertainment, and more. Veganism is the ethical position which rejects the use and exploitation of non-human animals. Veganism is a committed way of living which excludes the use of non-human animals for food, clothing, products, […]

The Truth About Animal Testing and Vivisection

animal testing vivisection

Every year, the U.S. vivisection industry alone accounts for a spending of over $18 billion dollars on animal testing and vivisection. The U.S. National Institutes of Health is the greatest source that funds animal testing and vivisection, with an annual budget of over $13 billion dollars which, by the way, is greatly funded by our […]

Do You Suffer From Moral Schizophrenia?


If someone were to walk up to you and ask you, “Would you eat your dog for dinner tonight?” What would your answer be? How could anyone even ask that? Would you be appalled at the question? Would you think that the person asking you were some complete lunatic? Well we claim to love animals […]

From Exploited To Discarded: The Truth About Horse Racing

horse racing

When most people think of horse racing they think of a nice, exciting event where the world’s most elegant horses race off against one another and the winner takes top prize. However, no regard is ever given to the callous exploitation and horrendous treatment of our majestic friends. When people go to the races or […]