From Exploited To Discarded: The Truth About Horse Racing

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Photo Credit: Alan Tunnicliffe When most people think of horse racing they think of a nice, exciting event where the world's most elegant horses race off against one another and the winner takes top prize. However, no regard is ever given to the callous exploitation and horrendous treatment of our majestic friends. When people go to the ...

How Do YOU Promote Veganism? We Want To Know

Photo Credit: Gina When it comes to animal rights advocacy, every person counts. Any movement or major societal change that we've had throughout history involved people. People are truly the power behind it all.  And as animal rights advocates we need to recognize that we are a voice for animals and that means we need to be as highly ...

Watch How These Cows React To Jazz Music. It’ll Change The Way You Look At Cows

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These cows simply adore the jazzy music. Who knew cows loved jazz? I sure didn't. They love the same type of music you and I love. They look so adorable and so happy. There's just something so special about this.You can read their body language and notice how well they communicate their receptiveness to the music. I just ...

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