What Is a Vegan? What Is Veganism?

What is a vegan? What is veganism? Do you believe it’s wrong to inflict unnecessary pain and suffering on animals? Of course you do. Most people would agree that it’s wrong to unnecessarily harm any animal. I mean think about it this way, if you saw a person unnecessarily hurting a cat with a bat, […]

Exclusive Interview: Meet Our Beloved vegan vanda from “Sausage Town”, Animal Rights Revolution’s Editor and Co-Founder!

vegan vanda

You don’t know anything about our beloved vegan vanda. Or do you? Vanda Kadas is an absolutely phenomenal abolitionist vegan advocate, co-founder and editor for Animal Rights Revolution, as well as a awesome and proud vegan mother for her lifelong vegan daughter – Vani. Following her mother’s footsteps, Vani is also a great abolitionist vegan […]